Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hotmail Password

Hotmail password to use when logging into your account and your privacy is very important to answer your question. For example, in 1234, and the privacy password is very simple answer to your question is most likely to be stolen account if you do something that everyone will know. If you have forgotten your account in a complex way that the risk of theft is reduced. Because there is no such thing as hacking. Simple password theft and the fact that the event is due to easy access to your computer. Install a security program on your computer are also recommended. Now for the difficult and complicated password and how confidentiality will answer to your question. Password and answer to avoid creating a short, simple statement. Letters, numbers,! '^ +% & / () {# $ ½ are good to use such expressions as a mixed form. In this way, you create a password and account, the answer would be safe.


  1. many users who did not have an account must Gmail register to obtain applications, not only that, hotmail sign up email address


  2. I think setup 2-layer security will account more secure.

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